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Prism Reviews
August 27, 2021
"A mature batch of songs, lyrically and sonically".
Loud Women
July 13, 2021
Little Lungs: Act Your Age (Song Feature)
July 4, 2021
EP Review – Better in Blue by Little Lungs (2021) (Self released)
Obscure Sound
June 18, 2021
"An enthralling rocker from Little Lungs, “Better In Blue” shows a no-frills, hooky sound from the Baltimore-based quartet."
Cult Report
March 16, 2019
Baltimore’s Little Lungs latest EP release
Glory In Sound
March 2017
Little Lungs: Self Titled EP Review
Chicago Reader
September 26 2013
12 O'Clock Track: Little Lungs' airy indie-folk tune "I Know"
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